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Explore Hidden Treasures of the Earth

Jewelry that is sought from the ordinary-looking rocks have hidden beauty.


The Grace in Art

“When I sculpt, I do it deliberately and consciously. The innovative and cutting-edge techniques come from deep within my subconscious, which becomes my ultimate tour guide through the creative process. Sculpting eggs and gourds affords me a concrete, natural place I can meld into. And, my imagination provides unlimited opportunities to influence and transform multiple media into graceful, exquisite finished art pieces.”



“Throughout this site you’ll find unique art including that which is made from the world’s most delicate canvas.”

Intrigued by the works of Peter Carl Faberge’, Brian Baity Sculpting is a magical the process of transforming eggshells from ostrich, emu, rhea, and goose into beautifully sculpted art.

Each exquisitely sculpted egg or gourd you will view throughout this site, represents a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, integrity – proving to be an important vehicle for translating the artists inner vision to outside reality. Brian’s is an award winning artist whose work is created from the inside out.

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Some of my friends already know this. Here is an article about my upcoming trip to Bulgaria. I have been invited to be part of this honor for Plovdiv and[…]

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Bulgaria Two Views Photography Exhibition

Over the past two years I have been developing a Photography Exhibition entitled “Bulgaria Two Views. The idea is to present the country of Bulgaria from two perspectives. The first[…]

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