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“When I sculpt, I do it deliberately and consciously. The innovative and cutting-edge techniques come from deep within my subconscious, which becomes my ultimate tour guide through the creative process. Sculpting eggs and gourds affords me a concrete, natural place I can meld into. And, my imagination provides unlimited opportunities to influence and transform multiple media into graceful, exquisite finished art pieces.”



“Throughout this site you’ll find unique art including that which is made from the world’s most delicate canvas.”

Intrigued by the works of Peter Carl Faberge’, Brian Baity Sculpting is a magical the process of transforming eggshells from ostrich, emu, rhea, and goose into beautifully sculpted art.

Each exquisitely sculpted egg or gourd you will view throughout this site, represents a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, integrity – proving to be an important vehicle for translating the artists inner vision to outside reality. Brian’s is an award winning artist whose work is created from the inside out.

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    Come on out to the mini mall at Treasures N Creations today and you just may be able to find something special for those in your life who are difficult to find gifts for. Noon to 6:00 pm. 3419 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT #faeriehouse #carvedwood #fairyhouse #utahartist #tinyhouse ...

    Need something to do today? Come on out to Treasures N Creations 3419 S State in SLC. You can find all your gifts for the upcoming holiday season in one spot. The owners just brought in a huge number of new items as well. ...

    Agates are the choice for today. I really like what agates have to offer. They are a hard stone so they take more time and effort to polish. These cabochons are from different locations. Upper left is from the mountains near Barstow, California. Upper right and lower right are from the mountains near Wendover, Nevada. The lower left is crazy lace agate from Mexico.
    #agate #cabachon #lapidary #lapidaryartist #artist #polishedstones #baity #utahartist

    Today I chose to work with Tiffany stone and flowering tube onyx to create a few cabochons. They will be future jewelry projects if someone doesn't acquire them first for their own projects. The top four are Tiffany stone and the bottom two are flowering tube onyx.
    #utahartist #lapidaryartist #lapidary #polishedstones #tiffanystone #floweringtubeonyxjewlery #baity

    My latest cabochons. A few folks have asked if I sell them, yes I do or they can be made into jewelry. I do not wire wrap I mount them in sterling silver. These stones from the top center are as follows: chrysocolla, picture chert, Tiffany stone, turquoise, Tiffany stone, and Picasso marble.
    #lapidaryartist #lapidary #artist #cabachon #polishedstones #baity #tiffanystone #chrysocolla #turquoise

    These four stones are all Tiffany stone, also known as Bertrandite. Because I have been asked about previous pieces offered and the inquiries were for stones of lower price, I chose to work with some material that isn't considered gem quality. The bottom two stones are great colors and patterns and in the budget for folks with a smaller budget.
    #tiffanystone #cabachon #cabachons #polishedstones #bertrandite #artist #lapidary #lapidaryartist #baity

    Composite turquoise and nickel. This material is created with small pieces of turquoise that normally are too small for other uses. It is compressed and stabilized and nickel fills the empty spaces between the turquoise pieces. It originates from the Kingman mines in Arizona
    #cabachon #cabachons #turquoise #artist #jewelry #jewelrydesigner #jewelryartist #baity

    Part of my current workload includes three commission pieces of jewelry intended as gifts. Each of them uses a different stone so I am creating a few cabochons for the people to choose from. These are all Tiffany stone.
    #tiffanystone #lapidary #lapidaryartist #baity #artist

    Failed to post some cabochons yesterday vso here comes some today for you to enjoy. Starting vin the upper left we have: flowering tube onyx, Utah zebra stone, kombaba, picture chert, chrysocolla, lapis lazuli, dinosaur bone, script stone, and green zebra stone from India
    #cabachon #polishedstones #lapidary #lapidaryartist #baity

    The cabochons for today. There was some extra interest in the composite turquoise and nickel so I did a few extra pieces. Clockwise, starting at the top, the stones are: picture jasper, Tiffany stone, composite turquoise, icelandic jasper.
    #picurejasper #picture_jasper #tiffanystone #turquoise #jasper #cabochon #artist

    Due to the nasty weather my plans changed. I thought it would be a good thing to create a few new cabochons which will be available for jewelry or anything else that one's imagination can conceive. Clockwise from too center: dinosaur bone, zebra stone, turquoise and Nicole composite, script stone, picasso marble
    #cabachons #polishedstones #dinosaurbone #zebrastone #turquoise #scriptjasper #picassomarble #baity #artist

    Today I formed these cabochons for future jewelry projects, yours or mine. Clockwise from upper left #chert #dinosaurbone #scriptjasper #picassomarble dinosaur bone ...

    Cabochons of the day. Super happy with these. Clockwise from the top: #dinosaurbone #turitella #picassomarble #tiffanystone dinosaur bone #cabachons #polishedstones ...

    Cabachons I just finished and are now ready to be set into jewelry
    #wonderstone #zebrastone #kambaba #picassomarble #tiffanystone #cabachons #polishedstones #brianbaity

    All set up and ready for you to come visit Treasures N Creations. Today you can search for gifts for that special person who you can't find anything for. 3419 S. State St Salt Lake City ...

    A commission from a friend for her daughters for Easter ...

    I was scheduled to exhibit my egg art for Easter at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center this year. Due to the restrictions from covid-19 the exhibition had to be cancelled. I am not complaining, we must do good things for good reasons. The awesome staff at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center decided to display a few of my eggs virtually. So here you can see a few of the pieces that would have been found at the venue had the exhibition been possible:


    Corona virus has us locked down and restaurants are open but difficult for celebrations. My daughter Justine Faith Baity wanted to celebrate her birthday so I chose to cook for her. At дом на Брайън (or "home of Brian") I prepared the following:
    Grilled ribeye steak in red wine reduction, grilled corn on the cob, grilled asparagus with garlic salt, Cajun spiced scallops in white wine lemon, sauteed baby portabello mushrooms, and parmesan garlic toast. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAUGHTER DEAR

    Just a little bit of beauty from this evening to offset all of the other stuff going on in the world ...