The Return of Desi to Egg Carving in Velingrad Bulgaria

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The Return of Desi to Egg Carving in Velingrad Bulgaria

In 2011 Desislava Kasapova (Desi for short) was my number one pupil. She spoke good English and served as my interpreter many times. She immediately showed a great level of natural skill with the Paragraver Power Pen. After school, she would often stop by the Ethnographic Museum to carve a few eggs and even took on a bigger task of carving an ostrich egg.

On November 8, 2014 Desi brought a friend, Katie Kadinova, by the museum to refresh her skills and share her knowledge with Katie. They had a few hours to carve as I worked on a wood project and since Desi already knew what to do I really had nothing to do but get my sanding worked on. Here are the girls and their projects. Desi still has her skills and I hope she will continue to develop her artistic abilities. Thank you Desi and Katie for stopping by to make my Saturday afternoon more interesting and also my immense gratitude to the staff of the Ethnographic Museum in Velingrad for making events like this possible.






Desi and Katie working together






On the left is Desi’s finished goose egg. On the right is Katie working on her second egg, a lattice pattern.











The left photo is Desi with her completed project, a goose egg carved using a number of different techniques and the right photo is Katie with her lattice goose egg.




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  1. Brian,
    I am very happy seeing these pictures. You remember when I saw your egg carving art for the first time in Salt Lake a few years ago. My first words were: “Bulgarians should see this art. It is unknown of them”. Now, we have a Bulgarian school of egg carving. We can name it Baity’s Bulgarian School. Thank you so much for your love to Bulgaria.
    I can’t wait the opening on Monday in Karlovo together with your demonstration.
    Link to my website about the Plovdiv artshow in Zagreb Gallery:

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