A Tribute to Arch Cheney, Photographer and Teacher. One Weekend, One Camera, One Lens

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

A Tribute to Arch Cheney, Photographer and Teacher. One Weekend, One Camera, One Lens

Early in 2104 I attended a photography class taught by Arch Cheney. My intent was to push my boundaries beyond my basic knowledge of my camera and photography. During the class, he showed a one year project where photographer Todd Gibstein shot the same area with only one camera and one lens. This idea never left my mind. I decided to take a weekend in the fall while visiting Velingrad, Bulgaria and follow this theme. October 18 and 19 saw weather which was, for the most part cooperative, for photography in the mountains. The camera is Nikon D300S, lens of choice was AF-S VR Micro-Nikko 105mm f/2.8. Day one was handheld only and day 2 I brought a tripod and used it for the majority of the shots. I am very fond of macro photography so the focus of this trip was the tiny worlds hidden in our large world. Please enjoy with the knowledge that it was with the coaching from Arch that this photo journey is possible. 



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  1. Brian,
    These photos are wonderful. It looks you have been preparing a new collection for next year American-Bulgarian artshows. Plovdiv media are so excited about your carved eggshell art at the Ethnographic museum. And so many other Bulgarians want to see them. Today I had a lunch with my brother in Karlovo restaurant and just mentioning about your artshow one Bulgarian woman told: “I want to see this art”. And the Plovdiv curators were very excited about the exhibit in Plovdiv when I saw them two days ago in Karlovo.
    I think you have been waking the Bulgarians all over around for high culture and this is what we all need and we are deadly thirsty for – high quality culture. Links:

    Thank you, Brian for being the greatest friend of Bulgaria!

    Lolita Nikolova, PhD

  2. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you Lolita for offering your thoughts. I appreciate all you have done to make it possible for me to share art with your native country. Both the 2011 exhibitions and the 2014 exhibitions have been life changing. I am honored to be in Bulgaria as an artist and as a friend. I look forward to meeting your friends in Karlovo next month. I will be sure to check out the links you provided. thanks again

  3. Brian, it sounds like you are gathering fans the world over. Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing more photos of Bulgaria as well as your incredible designs and eggs.

  4. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you Connie, fans all over the world? Isn’t that the ultimate goal for all artists? your support is very important to me, thank you for all you do to help expand art in the world.

  5. Robie Vagle says:

    These are absolutely beautiful Brian. Being able to see beauty in the world and bring it to life for others to enjoy is a remarkable achievement and you do so so well. I loved this set of photos and am certain you spent plenty of time preparing and taking these wonderful photos.
    Ansel Adams said that you could take a whole roll of photos and have one, maybe two which were remarkable. It makes me wonder how many photos you took to provide us with these few beauties.
    Ansell instructed my dad for two weeks after my dad one a national collegiate scholarship award to work with him. He was the reason I took up photography as a youth as he instructed me some concerning photography when I expressed a desire to take photos just as he and my dad were, and after my dad got me an inexpensive box camera to work with. I haven’t done much since I was a teen and had a jealous art instructor (he had been a student with my dad) who deliberately refused to properly recognize r grade my photographic work. These photos you have shared make me want to get out and begin again. Keep up your amazing work and your wonderful journey diing something you love to do!

  6. Brian Baity says:

    I have been thinking about your comments Robie and I think we need to go on a photo shoot this spring once the weather breaks. I know a few places that rent cameras by the day. That way you can go have fun without the outlay of serious cash for a good camera. And on a different note, I have known you for many years now and you have never shared your story about Ansel Adams with me. What a great opportunity that would have been to study with one of the very best. See you soon and we can schedule a photo weekend!

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