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Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Fun Times at the Utah State Fair 2015

I was surprised earlier this year when I went to the mail box and discovered a letter from the director of the Creative Arts Division of the Utah State Fair. The envelope contained an invitation to be the Directors Invitational Artist for the 2015 Utah State Fair! What a huge honor. How could I not…
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Follow Up Visit After the Utah State Fair

                    Meet Jason, Aries and Travis. These three fun folks spent some time with me at the 2014 Utah State Fair at the egg carving demonstration. It was fortunate that they were the last visitors of the day because they were very interested in making their…
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Utah State Fair 2014 Egg Carving Interactive Exhibit

The staff of the 2014 Utah State Fair asked me to offer a demonstration of egg carving. Instead of carving eggs and having people watch me, I chose to create an interactive presentation where visitors could carve a simple design and keep the egg afterward. I think this idea worked really well. The event ran…
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Kimberly Tabligan and The 2013 Utah State Fair

Do you know this young woman? She is Kimberly Tabligan. I am fortunate to know her and to watch as she develops her artistic talents. She submitted some of her recent works to the 2013 Utah State Fair for judging in the Creative Arts Building. Below you can see the results as decided by the…
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James Lund Wins Best of Show at the 2012 Utah State Fair

My friend and fellow artist, James Lund submitted his art for consideration to the 2012 Utah State Fair. While he works in numerous artistic expressions he is known in particular for his amazing repoussé work. Merriam-Webster defines repoussé as: shaped or ornamented with patterns in relief made by hammering or pressing on the reverse side —used especially of…
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