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Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Gallery Show for Петя Георгиева (Peta Georgieva) in Sofia Bulgaria

I was fortunate to be invited to an exhibition by Bulgarian artist Петя Георгиева (Peta Georgieva). I set a day aside for a bus ride to Sofia, Bulgaria so that I could see her offerings. Her work is distinctive and very vibrant. Peta’s works in this collection definitely remind me of places I have visited across…
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Art Exhibitions in Bulgaria for Rumen Rakshiev and Nedyalka Rackshieva

Svetla Rakshieva is a respected friend and a talent artist. Her father, Rumen Rakshiev spent his life creating art in many different media. Svetla’s mother, Nedyalka Ruseva Rakshieva also practices very fine needlework created with sewing needles.  I was fortunate to be in Bulgaria at the same time Svetla offered art exhibitions of her father’s…
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Call For Venues Easter 2013 Carved Eggshell Exhibit

Call for venues for Easter 2013 After an amazingly successful series of Easter exhibits in Bulgaria for 2011, I am putting a new exhibit together for Easter of 2013. Due to logistics issues in bringing an exhibit outside of the United States, I need to begin soon putting the many details in place to ensure…
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2012 Utah Cultural Celebration Center 4th Annual Easter Eggs-travaganza

As Easter fast approaches, my thoughts are drawn to my friends in Bulgaria. During the months surrounding Easter 2011, I was privileged to celebrate Easter amongst the wonderful people of Bulgaria. Many of their foods are now part of my regular menu. The families who took me in and made me feel welcome in their…
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Demonstration in Sofia for Students Learning English

A class of students learning english stopped by the museum in Sofia, Bulgaria for a demonstration.