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Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Nicole Reynolds Wins Big in School Art Show

In Early April 2012 Nicole Reynolds came to the studio to try her hand at carving a goose eggshell. Yesterday, May 10th I received news that she entered her eggshell in her school’s art show. She earned a third place award for her work. Pretty amazing for her first effort at carving eggshells. She only…
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Nicole Reynolds and Her Goose Egg

Easter is a super time for all of us who use the egg form to express ourselves and also for the collectors who appreciate the egg. Profound blessings are represented by this holiday. I hope we all can take a moment to search out those things we are most appreciative of. Yesterday, April 6, 2012,…
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Upcoming Busy Week Sharing Art

Today, April 1st, I am preparing all the things needed to place the Easter Exhibition at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. The 3rd is opening day. I will be at the Cultural Center most of Monday and part of Tuesday to answer questions. Then later this week I will bring sculpted gourds to the Springville…
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