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Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Utah Best of State Gala 2016 a Grand Event

May 18, 2016 was a night to remember. I returned from Bulgaria for a short time, where I was offering new Easter themed art exhibitions and demonstrations. The reason that was strong enough to draw me across the ocean was the Utah Best of State Gala. Sitting at a table with family and friends in…
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your nomination is a 2016 Best of State Winner

I awoke this Monday morning to gloomy skies which threaten to provide a third day of rainy drizzly skies. Not the best way to start a week. Then, after taking care of the normal morning requirements, I opened my email and read the following from Nate Fairclough: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your nomination is a 2016 Best of…
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Utah Best of State 2013 Awards Gala

This year, many great performers entertained the recipients of Utah’s Best of State awards. We were welcomed in the lobby of the Salt Palace Convention Center by the Vivaldi Quartet. A youth group who are 12 and 13 years old. They have performed in many locations in the USA and solos with the Utah Symphony.…
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Utah Best of State 2013 Winners Announced

On April 4th 2013 the announcements were released for the Utah Best of State awards. Curious to know who was chosen to receive this prestigious award? You can go to the website for the Utah Best of State to look for your favorite businesses and maybe a friend or relative as well. If you don’t…
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Yesterday evening late, I received an email from Dana with the Utah Best of State staff. Immediately I sensed a rush of adrenaline. The subject line for this email read “Best of State Winners Announced“. Stopping all I was doing I quickly went to my computer to read the news. Then I read a line…
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