Zions Bank 2nd Annual Art Show in Provo Utah

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Zions Bank 2nd Annual Art Show in Provo Utah

What a grand show this was. Art was shown on numerous floors of the Zions Bank Financial Center in Provo Utah. Each floor presented a different musical offering and also a divergent  caterer showing off their culinary art skills.

Shown here is my favorite performer in attendance. They are known as Briar Rose String quartet.

Marilyn Sunderland

Mary Hogue

A few of my friends and fellow artists from the Inspiration and Encouragement Network were also invited to share their art with the visitors.

Stephanie Deer

I met Stephanie Deer at the show and I was really captivated by her. She was a pleasure to talk with, and look! she resembles her art. How cool is it to create from your heart and show who you are in your expressions.

And here, you can see the final presentation I offered for the patrons of the night.

My hat’s off to the many people who worked so hard to make this show such a success. In particular, I would like to offer my most sincere gratitude to Josh Green and Tyler Christiansen. Josh did a most excellent job ensuring all needs were met setting up my exhibit and Tyler headed up the show, quite a daunting task. Well done everyone.


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