Terrasun Wise Tries Egg Carving for the First Time

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Terrasun Wise Tries Egg Carving for the First Time

Meet Terrasun Wise and her mother Rochelle.

Terrasun attends Windsor Elementary School in Orem, Utah. During her 2013-2014 school year she was honored with the “Award of Merit” at the council level in the Reflections Contest. This contest is sponsored by the PTA organization and is intended to “encourage students across the nation and in American Schools overseas to explore their talents through the Arts”.

There were 81 students who participated at Windsor Elementary School in the Reflections Contest. Terrasun is one of only three Award of Merit recipients. In my opinion this 10 year old has been shown she has great potential to express herself through Art.

I have known Rochelle for some time now. When I heard about her daughter’s success I offered to help Terrasun expand her knowledge and abilities. On November 23, 2013 Rochelle and Terrasun came to my studio for a couple of hours where they both had their first experience carving eggshells. We had a lot of fun talking about art and playing with the Paragraver Carving Tool. After we finished our creative session I asked Terrasun what she liked best about her day of carving. For anyone who has carved eggshells her answer will truly surprise you. I know her answer was far from any answer I anticipated. She said “I like the smell of the eggshells on my hands”. How do you follow that?

Here is Terrasun with her first two completed eggs. The brown egg is a regular chicken egg you would find at any market and the white egg is goose.

Congratulations to both Terrasun and Rochelle. Terrasun, for your amazing award and to Rochelle, you must be a very proud mother.



4 Responses

  1. Hi it is Terrasun wise , brain is a wonderful man and has ton of information on art and is fun ,
    Awesome is my favorite word
    sincerely , Terrasun Rain Wise

  2. he is the worldest best egg carver

  3. Gianni says:

    Terrasun really loves her creative side which she may have inherited from her dad or her mom but I heard a rumor that it most likely is from her Uncle “G”.

  4. Brian Baity says:

    wherever it comes from it has been fun watching Terrasun build her skills at eggshell carving.thanks for your support.

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