Summer Solstice Flute Festival in Park City Utah

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Summer Solstice Flute Festival in Park City Utah

summer solstice flute festival 2013

I was invited by Profitable Hobbies and some fellow artists to attend the Summer Solstice Flute School and Festival on June 23 2013. As I am a little backlogged with commissions currently, I was hesitant to make the drive to Park City, UT. I kept feeling the prompting that I should attend  this event so I set my work aside and headed to the mountains for the morning. My choice to follow this urging was well rewarded. When I left the studio, I knew nothing about Native American flutes other than I like the music made from them. There were a number of well known musicians playing throughout the day for our enlightenment plus, I learned how these flutes are made, how they are played, and I learned that the people who make and play these ancient instruments are very kind and giving people. I particularly found the owners of Willow Creek Woodcraft Hi Desert Flutes willing to help anyone learn about Native American Flutes. Peter Churcher was very patient when dealing with the never ending questions from the visitors to this event. I left the show with a flute and with the creators permission I am going to add a few of my own carved embellishments in the near future. I will post the before and after photos when it is completed. My thanks to the event creators and the vendors for a wondrous June day.


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  1. Peggy Stringfellow says:

    I can’t wait to see your design and carving on one of Peter’s flutes. What a great Sunday adventure in Park City with our Profitable Hobbies friends! I am intrigued by Peter’s use of innovative materials, his knowledge, workmanship, and most of all his desire to share with us. He produces the most enchanting sound that is pure and crisp. His flutes are now on my “want” list. You can tell he loves what he does. What a delightful time and what a delightful man! Keep us posted on your progress Brian!

  2. Brian Baity says:

    Hi Peggy, It was nice to see you again on Sunday. Too bad your husband couldn’t come too. I spent some time visiting with some of the other flute makers also. Leroy was very informative as well concerning how Native American Flutes are tuned in the creation process. I will certainly post shat happens to Peter’s flute. And you are right, He does love what he creates.

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