Success Advice for Artists

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Success Advice for Artists

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Shared here is a Jason Horejs article offering artists some keys to success. I am asked frequently how I have accomplished all I have in such a short time. Many of the things I have done are described in this narrative in much better words than I could have expressed them.

Artistic Productivity Cornerstone of a Successful Art Career by Jason Horejs

My favorite two points in that article are under the headings: “Focus” and “Can you wait for inspiration?”

Focus can be difficult for certain. To give my personal perspective for this enemy of productivity I relate for you that many of the people who ask me about my quick rise are the same people who have numerous posts on social media websites on a daily basis. I know the internet can be a great source for exposure, I use them. But hours spent looking at the posts of others to find the few that catch your interest and reposting them is not going to produce anything to make money or build your name and reputation as an artist.

My thoughts on the inspiration front was covered by a mentor Dr. Martin. He¬†taught “to carry a sketchbook wherever I go”. I find inspiration frequently comes when we don’t search for it. I may see an image or experience a thought that could lead to many creations on a single theme. But if I don’t capture the idea as it occurs it will most likely go the way it came, in a momentary flash. In truth, we don’t remember everything, no matter how many times we state we will. In my sketchbooks are years of possible creations. I do not have enough time to work them all. Some ideas will never really be produced for myriad reasons, but these same sketches can lead to further thought and some great possibilities.

I would love to hear your motivations for getting things done.


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