Students Learning English Attempt Egg Carving

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Students Learning English Attempt Egg Carving

A class of bright youth stopped by the Museum to watch a demonstration of egg carving. These children are learning English and their teacher thought it would be a good experience to talk with an English speaking person.

So After a few moments of awkward silence a young lady stepped forward to volunteer to translate for me. Maria did a great job breaking the ice for her class. When these children arrived they had no idea they would have the chance to apply the Paragraver  to an eggshell. Because we had a small amount of time I had to keep it quick and simple.  I passed an eggshell around the gathered students and had each of them carve a small circle into the shell.

This seemed a great way to get the children to open up. After this, they were much more animated. As a reward for their efforts and time the Museum gave them all posters from the exhibition.

After the demonstration was completed and the students were on their way home two of them showed a serious interest in learning more. They lived very close so I told them to return the next day after school and I would let them each try to carve an egg of their own. Maria is the first Bulgarian to complete this kind of lacework design while I have been here. I think this 13 year old did an amazing job with her first attempt at eggshell carving.

On Saturday Maria and her friend Desi retuned again to learn more. The previous day, Desi was not confident enough to try a piercing an eggshell. Desi did “draw” on a brown hen’s egg with the carving tool by using a round bur and carefully removing the outer brown layer of the eggshell.

Inspired by  Maria’s success with carving a lace-like pattern Desi decided on Saturday she would make her own attempt with a similar design. Here you can see her concentrating on her art.

And here you can see Desi with her finished eggshell art. She took this egg home to her mother and it is now on display for her mother to share with friends and family.

And finally, Maria did not remain in the shadows. The opposite actually. For each of the girls’ first eggshells I helped significantly with the layouts. The eggshell in the hands of  the talented young artist shown below was designed and carved completely by Maria. Great Effort Maria!!!

I am happy to have met these two young ladies. They have a great future ahead of them.

Good Luck Maria and Desi!


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  1. Ron Snayberger says:

    Brian, I can’t imagine the joy this endeavor has brought you. You have changed things in Bulgaria. To what extent we don’t know. The press you will get will change egg shell carving and bring new light to this art form. I have read all your FB posts and blog posts but this is the first I responded to. The children will no doubt be more open minded and receptive to the power pen and want to dig right in and use this new tool you have shown them. I can only compare the excitement to what I see when I engrave at a fragrance event but more so. I’m sure you are running on a rush of adrenaline. Get rest, be safe, and I look forward to more posts from you and many photos when you return.

    Ron Snayberger

  2. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you Ron for sharing your thoughts. Yes, it is a thrill to watch young people create without the limits of adult life. They were shy at first but once the ice was broken they were very animated. Maria and Desi have created a number of eggs now and usually stop by the museum on their way home from school to see if there is a chance to carve more or at least to say Hi. I will never forget my time here and the wonderful people I have met. It is an overwhelming thought to consider that I may have influenced a new direction for art with eggshells in this region of the world. I am excited to see where these creative minds will go in the future. Good luck with your future , I am sure you will impact others in ways you can’t imagine.

  3. Marie says:

    I love teaching and can feel a little of this with you. just a little because yours is of such magnitude I can’t comprehend. How wonderful to bring something new to a country, but especially to children. Imagine if they could take it up now and, what they’d be doing many years from now. I congratulate you for taking time for the children.

  4. Brian Baity says:

    Marie, I come close to be overwhelmed at times by the impact I might contribute here. Leading young minds is a titanic responsibility and I pray I can do some small thing to save a misguided soul or lead a young mind to explore some as yet unfound talent. My hat is off to all teachers. What an opportunity they have to do a good thing. From my own childhood I have experiences I will never forget where my teachers save me from taking a very wrong turn in my life’s path. I hope I can be half as good as my influential teachers were for me.

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