Sacred Cave Pendant Wins at SLCC Art Exhibit April 2014

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Sacred Cave Pendant Wins at SLCC Art Exhibit April 2014

Summer Semester 2 years ago I started attending Salt Lake Community College to learn jewelry making. The ultimate goal being to incorporate precious stones and fine metals into my art. After almost 2 years of practice I recently entered two of my creations in an art show sponsored by the school. There were just over 500 submissions for the show from which around 200 were chosen for display. Both jewelry entries were selected to be part of the exhibit. 













 The piece on the left is sterling silver, Picasso marble and Redwood tree bark. I have just begun experimenting with mixed media. I like it quite a bit. I have quite a few more pieces drawn up for future creation. The pendant on the right is sterling silver, Utah agate and Utah geode. The shape of the agate is natural. There was a number of natural fractures in the slab of stone I sliced from the stone I found in the mountains above Springville, Utah. The rough edge on the top of that stone was also left as it was when I found the larger stone it was cut from. The small piece of druzy is part of a larger geode I dug up near Dugway, Utah. I don’t have a name for the mixed media pendant yet (suggestions welcome). The second piece is named Sacred Cave. The fact that the agate is arrowhead shape seemed important to me and the natural, unpolished edge resembled caves I have explored in my youth. The crystals are like a destination at the back of the cave, offering unknown surprises to be discovered.

I want to thank the Salt Lake Community College staff and the judges for all their work in putting this exhibit together. Also, I offer my gratitude for the Award of Merit bestowed upon Sacred Cave. And in closing, I want to thank the two instructors, James Lund and Lorin Thunell from SLCC. Without their guidance I would not have accomplished this.



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  1. Sawbuck Steve says:

    Sweet! i LOVE both pieces! Well done!

  2. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you Steve, I was a little nervous putting Jewelry in an art show. I am glad I did now.

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