Ruth Follis Celebrates Dodranscentennial Birthday

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Ruth Follis Celebrates Dodranscentennial Birthday

I am delighted to be part of a recent gathering to celebrate the 75th birthday of Ruth Follis. Her loving daughter and son in law wanted to commemorate this momentous event with something Ruth would truly appreciate. Ruth’s son in law, Ryan Conway came to me with his wish and I was able to meet his needs with a one of a kind eggshell carving in Southwestern style.

Ryan reports Ruth was thrilled with her gift. Here you can see Ruth with her carved emu eggshell vessel.

Ruth states the following via email:

“I must let you know how much I appreciate your talent.  The emu gifted to me by Joni and Ryan Conway is beautiful and looks great on our mantle.  A wonderful way to commemorate my 75th birthday!”

Ruth, I am all to happy to contribute in some small way to celebrate your time on the earth!


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