Return Trip to Bulgaria to Prepare for Future Exhibitions

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Return Trip to Bulgaria to Prepare for Future Exhibitions

In August I returned to Bulgaria to prepare for future exhibitions. When I walked into the Ethnographic Museum in Velingrad I was greeted by George and the rest of the staff. George stood out immediately when I saw the shirt he had chosen to wear that day.

Here are some additional photos I shot. I took a day away from all the hectic city life and wandered into the forest above the city. It was good therapy and inspiring. I hope to take another day soon to return to the forest.

Velingrad from a hillside outside the city.

This last photo was shot outside the room where I am carving eggs for the future exhibitions to be help in Bulgaria. It is very cool to watch the parents care for them. When I take a break from carving, I sit and watch this family of swallows. I am amazed at how many times the parents return with bugs to feed the 4 babies waiting in this nest.



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  1. justine tabligan says:

    AMAZING photo’s! hope you are having fun there 🙂

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