Results From the 7th Annual Utah Valley Carving Show Part 2

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Results From the 7th Annual Utah Valley Carving Show Part 2

The second installment covering the 7th Annual Utah Valley Wood Sculpture Show, Competition, and Sale describes some observations and the results for my entries. Of particular note, Pete Leclair was on hand doing demonstrations of his caricature wood carvings. It was quite an experience to watch him and the best part was him sharing his carvings with the scouts who were in attendance. I met a young man who had gathered a large pile of cottonwood tree bark which he and his dad were selling to the wood carvers and the visitors to the show.

I chose to enter a few newly finished carved eggshells, goose shells this time. they are filigree carved based on chinese lattice patterns. I am always fascinated by the intricate patterns the chinese culture uses to ornament their windows, doors and walls. I also like using this style of art on goose eggs because it creates a stunning image as well as being a huge challenge to complete. Each time I finish one of these filigree lattices I am left pondering what pattern to convert to a three dimensional images and also just how far I can push the lattices patterns. How much material can I remove and still have the eggshell capable of remaining intact.

Filigree Goose Eggshells Chinese Lattice

This show was the third public appearance for my new miniature seed pots. All of these vessels are under 3 inches in diameter. I couple of them are approximately 1 inch in diameter. They are based loosely on Native American art and a collection of miniature silver seed pots collected and previously shown at the Heard Museum of Art in Arizona. I really love creating these challenging pieces. They are very tedious and time consuming because working in such tiny scale takes more time to accomplish similar work than on large gourds. The end result certainly makes the extra work worthwhile. I will be offering more of these in the future and a few of them will be made into series based on similar themes.

Miniature Seed Pots. Tiny Gourds and Eggshells Combined into One of A Kind Vessels.

 For the knowledge of those who compete or wish to in the future, these eggshells and the miniature seed pots were entered for judging in the Professional Division.

Thank you for visiting. I welcome your input and questions. feel free to share your thoughts or to contact me.

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  1. Larry McGrew says:

    I would like to get into the carving of eggs shells and gourds. A lady that bought one of my paintings returned with a finished gourd and a plain one and asked if I would paint a scene on one to resemble the other. Well, afterwards I checked out your site and thought I’d like to attempt that.
    Could you tell me which tools you recommend for gourd and egg carving?
    I’m 71 y.o. and would like to leave something to show I was here too!

  2. Brian Baity says:

    Hi Larry,
    Thank you for your interest. I am happy to help you. I use the Paragraver from Profitable Hobbies. it is also called the Turbo 300. I have used most of the other high speed carving tools on the market and prefer the Paragraver over them. In fact, I was gifted a different brand tool and after using it for a few months I chose to give it away. You can reach the folks at Profitable Hobbies at (800) 624-7415.

    Their website is:

    And here is a link to one of the kits they offer:

    They have all the accessories i use to carve gourds, eggs and a bunch of other materials as well. They have access to a number of folks who offer classes and I have offered a class or two in the past.

    I think it is awesome to speak with other artists. Good Luck!!

  3. Larry McGrew says:

    Mr. Baity sir,
    Thanks so much for the quick response to my inquiry.
    Now I need to know if there is a ‘Used, For Sale’ site where I might pick up a used carving tool?
    With those prices it would take me a few years to recupe my investments.
    Thanks again.

  4. Brian Baity says:

    I will keep my eyes open for used equipment. If I hear of any I will get in touch with you. In the mean time, call Profitable Hobbies during the week and ask them to keep you in mind as well for any used Paragravers they might hear about. I don’t know how often people sell their stuff but if I ever did I would contact Profitable Hobbies to find a new home for my tools. Hope this helps a little.

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