Results from the 21st Annual Woodcarving Show and Carving Competition at Wheeler Farm

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Results from the 21st Annual Woodcarving Show and Carving Competition at Wheeler Farm

The 21st Annual Woodcarving Show and Carving Competition at Wheeler Farm brought some great results. Justine Tabligan entered a single piece. Due to time restraints she was not able to create more pieces to submit. Here is her carved gourd and her award.

Kimberly Tabligan however has been very busy. She had numerous pyrography entries as well as the most recent gourd she has completed. Her gourd is based on the seashore. There are shells carved into the gourd as well as carved seashells attached to the outside which are also carved from pieces of gourd. 

These two wood burning pieces are the first and second pieces Kimberly created. After completing them she started a series of pieces all with a similar theme. They were really well accepted and brought many complimentary comments.

During the egg carving demonstrations I offered there were a number of youth who took advantage of opportunity to try egg carving. This chicken egg was carved by Makayla Bamrick. I had hoped to include a photo of Makayla as well. However, the battery in the camera I had with me died so I asked Makayla to send me a photo. She only sent me a photo of the egg. I am hoping she will send another and if she does I will update this blog entry. Makayla was by far the most talented of the people who tried carving (including the adults).

Finally, here are the results from my entries into the contest. In truth, these awards were not as exciting as the honors earned by Kimberly and Justine as well as the chance to work with the visitors who attended the carving show. The miniature seed pots continue to gather accolades and I thought to enter the Forbes Fabergé carved emu egg into the professional division.

I want to thank The Great Salt Lake Woodcarvers Club for their efforts to bring about a great show. Also, a second word of gratitude to all the contestants who brought their work to be seen by the visitors. There was a lot of talent represented at the show. And I would be remiss if I did not include a shout out to the volunteers and judges who were instrumental in getting everything done on time. If you want to learn how to carve wood go check out the weekly meetings at Wheeler Farm. You find all the information by clicking of this link: The Great Salt Lake Wood Carvers Club




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    Thanks for sharing Brian.

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    Dean, I appreciate you taking the time to read the blog and for sharing your thoughts

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