Numerous Recent Art Events Attended

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Numerous Recent Art Events Attended

Starting on 2nd and 3rd I was in Dallas, Texas taking in the 38th annual Eggs-Ibit International. There were visitors and exhibitors from as far away as Japan. A highlight for me was a seminar presented by Alex Caldwell of Vivian Alexander fame. Alex offered ideas which may reduce the fragility of the lace-like goose eggshells I love to create. Thank you Alex, Your amazing products and your generous sharing of knowledge has left a lasting impression with me. I can’t wait to come out to your facility to share more experiences and to develop new ideas.

The exhibit hall for the Eggs-Ibit

I met quite a few new egg friends and I was asked to teach a class next year. What do you think? Should I teach a carving class? Kathy Lamb from The Eggery Place and her crew did an amazing job producing this exhibit. And the staff of the MCM Elegante’ Hotel were very accommodating. Great job everyone!

June 15th saw a very busy day. The morning started with a visit to the South Towne Expo Center for Gem Faire. I thought this would be a great place to gather information for some of my new ideas I want to try out. There was certainly a motherlode of choices and vendors. I picked up a few items with the intent to inlay silver and stones into future projects.

South Towne Expo Center Gem Faire

 Finally, the evening was capped off with a gallery opening at Local Colors of Utah Fine Art Gallery. The show is entitled “A Different Perspective” and offered are artistic interpretations by Jeff Clay, Josh Ray and Holly Tanski.

 Local Colors of Utah Fine Art Gallery


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  1. Kathy Lamb says:

    Oh Brian! YES!!!! You should teach a carving class next year!!!!

  2. Brian Baity says:

    we have one vote for yes. Anyone else want to offer an opinion?

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