New Inspiration Makes it Debut at Face of Utah Sculpture

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

New Inspiration Makes it Debut at Face of Utah Sculpture

Miniature Seed Pots Initial Release
Utah Cultural Celebration Center
Face of Utah Sculpture

During a November 2011 visit to New Mexico I found a book published by the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona which contains photographs of miniature silver seed pots collected by Norman L. Sandfield. These collected seed pots are nearly all less than 3 inches in diameter and were crafted by Native artists from all over North American. After viewing a few of the pages in this book I was inspired to apply my new inlay idea, creating my own individual twist on this concept of miniature seed pots. Following the under 3 inch theme, I began crafting vessels from tiny gourds. Designing them with Native American inspired themes and decorating them with carved eggshells such as ostrich, emu, and rhea. Future pieces will be themed after other cultures I have experienced in life, such as Killarny Wood from Ireland and the flora and fauna of the Philippines.

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 None of these containers are copied from the work of other artists. Each is my own design with its own meaning. Collectively, there are many different techniques used such as pyrography, carving, inlay, painting, scrimshaw and wood staining. And as a personal touch for the pots I craft, each one contains a collection of seeds from the miniature gourds that are the bases for each vessel. 


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