New Eggshells Posted To Celebrate Fabergé Birthday

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New Eggshells Posted To Celebrate Fabergé Birthday

Recently, I finished two goose eggshell designs which are now posted to the Goose Egg Gallery. Today seems appropriate to share new pieces as it is Peter Fabergé’s birthday.


For a while I stepped away from doing this style pieces but I missed doing them. So I  made these, to again do what I love, geometric designs on eggshells. I specifically choose goose eggs to do this with because of the fragile appearance once they are finished. Also the very white shell adds to the dramatic air.

Here is a new piece recently completed to help me work on my relief carving abilities. This rhea eggshell in not quite as thick as a penny. It is lit with a high intensity LED lamp. I got this idea while in New Mexico a few months ago. These have been posted to the Rhea gallery. Once again, Happy Birthday Mr. Fabergé. What an inspiration your creations are to me.


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