New Art Line to Debut at Face of Utah Sculpture 8

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

New Art Line to Debut at Face of Utah Sculpture 8

What a wonderful opportunity to be accepted as part of the Face of Utah Sculpture 8.

I will be debuting a new line of artistic expression which was begun in December of 2011.  This new idea has been intentionally kept hidden until I had a body of work to show. I am super excited to have Face of Utah Sculpture be the venue which will begin a new era in my creativity.

In keeping with the intent to use Face of Utah Sculpture as the first public viewing of my latest innovation, I will not post photos until after the opening on July 12, 2012. However, Here is a hint to whet your appetite.

Sneak Peak part 1
Face of Utah Sculpture 8

This inspired new concept will definitely continue after this initial offering. I love the designing and creation of these pieces which is truly challenging and I hold a particular fondness for the finished articles. It has been difficult keeping them under wraps but I feel Face of Utah Sculpture to be a worthwhile event to wait for.

Sneak Peak part 2
Face of Utah Sculpture 8

So now that you have been sufficiently teased, be sure to come out to the Utah Cultural Celebration Center exhibit which runs from July 12th until August 29th, 2012. Each year this show offers amazing art from some of Utah’s best artists. Definitely a must see for all patrons of the arts.



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