MDA Harley Davidson Charity Ride June 1 2013

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MDA Harley Davidson Charity Ride June 1 2013

Salt Lake City’s KBER Radio and Intermountain Harley Davidson are sponsoring rides for charity on June 1st 2013. The events are specifically for MDA and it’s cause to find cures as well as to care for the folks with Muscular Dystrophy. As part of the Black and Blue Ball, a fund raising event held on the same day as the Harley ride, there will be an auction for which I have donated a carved emu egg themed specifically on the Harley sponsored rides. Below, you can see different images of the overall design.


With permission from the local Harley Davidson dealer I was able to include the traditional, iconic logo which everyone knows on sight. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to put this image on an emu eggshell. I have wanted to carve the shield and bar for a few years now. Thank you Harley Davidson of Salt Lake City for helping me complete one of my own goals.

On the sides of the design two columns contain the following “KBER Mick and Allen” I chose to inscribe the names of these two radio personalities because of the support they have given for years to various charities including MDA.

Mick and Allen are pillars of strength and I only hope I can do my little part to help them with their efforts to give to our community.

This image began as an idea based on a lifetime of watching Harley riders and the obvious joy they experience when riding. When I approached Mick and Allen and the manager from Harley Davidson about what they thought would be appropriate for their fund raising efforts they thought I should use my artistic eye and create whatever I thought would be a good image for the egg. So I created an image using all the layers of the emu eggshell to represent a ride into the mountains for which Utah is famous. The round white portion is meant to be interactive to the viewer. It can be either the moon or the sun. And morning or evening, whichever is your favorite time to ride.

The top of the design allowed me to tie one of my most favorite things to carve on eggshells into the overall image. Lattice forms are a challenge to layout as well as carve. For the top of this charity donation I made my lattice design match the spokes from a motorcycle wheel. The final aspect of the overall image is the stone which supports the egg. In the past I have mounted a number of carved eggshells on stone because I love the juxtaposition of the solid stone supporting the fragility of the carved eggshell. The stone for this eggshell is from the Redrock area of Utah near Moab. I collected this stone myself and it seem very appropriate to use a stone collected from Utah’s mountains, especially since the Utah mountains are the destination for the rider on the front of this eggshell.

I hope the winning bidder will enjoy their special creation made with the intent to help the people who have Muscular Dystrophy. My gratitude goes to Muscular Dystrophy Association,  Mick and Allen, Intermountain Harley Davidson for allowing me to be part of their efforts to serve others.






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  2. Pat says:


    Do you sell the carved harley davidson eggs?
    If so, what do they cost please?


  3. Brian Baity says:

    Hello Pat, because of the nature of this project being used as a fund raiser there are specifics I don’t want to publish publicly. I will contact you privately to give you more information. Thank you for your interest. Brian

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