Latest Idea – Contemplation Stones

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Latest Idea – Contemplation Stones

I have owned a Chinese Contemplation Stone for many years and love having it in my living room. While I was sorting a few tons of bulk stone I purchased I fond a few pieces with unusual characteristics. When I saw them I thought they would be interesting as a table top version of a contemplation stone. These are the first two I have created. Contemplation Stone 1 has been sold while on display as part of Face of Utah Sculpture 13 at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. The patron who desired it intended to gift it as an anniversary gift so she asked that it be released early from the exhibition. Contemplation Stone 2 is now on display for the duration of the exhibition.

Contemplation Stone 1 is Utah Agate

Contemplation Stone 2 is Opalized Petrified Wood

Because there has been good interest in these first two pieces, I am currently reconfiguring my tooling so I can produce more of these with less difficulty. Stay tuned for new pieces



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