Kimberly Tabligan and The 2013 Utah State Fair

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Kimberly Tabligan and The 2013 Utah State Fair

Do you know this young woman?

She is Kimberly Tabligan. I am fortunate to know her and to watch as she develops her artistic talents. She submitted some of her recent works to the 2013 Utah State Fair for judging in the Creative Arts Building. Below you can see the results as decided by the judges from the Utah State Fair.

Kim created a series of works based on mannequins for her advanced honors art class in her senior year of High School. She chose to submit these two pieces as a set and will share the remainder in the future. As you can see she earned a third place award, quite impressive.



Here again Kim is showing her skill with the wood burner. Whenever I hear people speak of this piece the comments are always positive. Kim’s skills are really show cased in this offering. She still has less than twenty completed works to her name. I believe she will truly leave her mark in the world as she develops her talent for this unusual technique.

Our thanks also go to Bob and Sondra Dailey from Dailey Splinterz Wood Supply. These good folks are the suppliers for the wood that Kimberly uses.

It has been a distinct honor to watch Kimberly talents develop. She has tried her hand at a number of artistic expressions. From the things I have seen so far I believe she has found a niche made especially for her abilities and way of thinking. Congratulations Kim, I am proud to be a part of this page in your story.



2 Responses

  1. Sawbuck Steve says:

    She shows great talent and I expect even greater things from her in the future. Kudos.

  2. Brian Baity says:

    Thanks Steve, I will pass your thoughts on to her.

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