Just Announced 2011 Best of State!!

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Just Announced 2011 Best of State!!

The 2011 Best of State winners have been released.

I am thrilled to announce the judges have found me worthy of this prestigious award. I will be taking a leave from the Bulgarian Carved Eggshell Exhibition to return home for the awards gala in June.

Most importantly I wish to recognize the people who have helped me achieve this award. There are too many to list individually but a few standout in my heart and mind so these I will publish in no particular order.

The fine staff at Profitable Hobbies, without the Paragraver none of this would have occurred.

Court and Janelle Fruge

T and Becci From Q4U

Nelly, Jennifer, Jessica, Einar, Justine and Kimberly

Thank you, everyone, for your contributions to this success. Some may think their influence small. But never underestimate how important even a momentary kind word or smile can be. We can truly change the path of a person’s life with very small efforts.



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  1. Marie says:

    Congratulation, you are so deserving!! I had to chuckle (in the right way) that you have to take a leave to come back for it. It’s tough being on top!! Keep going!!!

  2. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you Marie, I hope I can take some deserving people with me on my path to success. Without friends to share this experience with it would all be an empty shell.

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