Jeff Wolf Sculptor and Mentor

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Jeff Wolf Sculptor and Mentor

Have you ever wondered if sculpting was something you would like to do? Has lack  of knowledge kept you from attempting your first sculpture? Look no further!! I have the answer you have been looking for.


jeff wolf 3

Mr Jeff Wolf is an internationally acclaimed artist/sculptor who regularly shares his talents with others. He is a founder of the Western Art Rodeo Association .

I have been to Jeff’s studio and I have also watched him work in a few different venues such as the Utah State Fair and The Utah Valley Woodcarving annual show. His work is extraordinary and he is a class act who genuinely cares for people. His seems to have infinite patience when sharing his art in a public environment.

Below are a few samples of his work which he has granted me permission to share. So, my friends and fellow artists, if you have ever felt that urge to try your hand at creating sculptural art, I highly recommend Jeff as a source for building a strong foundation from which you can develop your own style. To see more of Jeff’s work and his resume check his website at:

Jeff Wolf Maiden Jeff Wolf Native American Sculpture Jeff Wolf Horse Sculture







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