Helping your Wishes Come True

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Helping your Wishes Come True

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I recently read a statement by Seth Godin that really resonated with my chosen life’s path. I share it in the hope that my artistic friends (and those who wish to reach further in life) will increase their influence on this earth throughout the coming year.

99U asked, “Sometimes we work hard in the short term but still fail to achieve our big-picture goals. How do you keep your short-term work aligned with your long-term objectives?”

Seth┬áresponds, “The reason you might be having trouble with your practice in the long run – if you are capable of building a practice in the short run – is nearly always because you are afraid. The fear, the resistance, is very insidious. It doesn’t leave a lot of fingerprints, but the person who manages to make a movie short that blows everyone away but can’t raise enough cash to make a feature film, the person who gets a little freelance work here and there but can’t figure out how to turn it into a full-time gig – that person is practicing self-sabotage.
These people sabotage themselves because the alternative is to put themselves into the world as someone who knows what they are doing. They are afraid that if they do that, they will be seen as a fraud. It is incredibly difficult to stand up at a board meeting or a conference or just in front of your peers as say, “I know how to do this. Here is my work. It took me a year. It’s great.”
This is hard for two reasons: (1) it opens you to criticism, and (2) it puts you into the world as someone who knows what you are doing, which means tomorrow you also have to know what you are doing, and you have just signed up for a lifetime of knowing what you are doing.
It’s much easier to whine and sabotage yourself and blame the client, the system, the economy. This is what you hide from – the noise in your head that says you are not good enough, that says it is not perfect, that says it could be better.”


3 Responses

  1. Lew Jensen says:

    There is another “major problem” that plays a huge roll in all productive efforts. As I have counseled with “up and coming” talent they are often trapped because they don’t see that FEAR is really their problem. It is so difficult to measure our own productivity that most people don’t even realize that their fear of embarrassment is really the big problem. Too many try too little and quit before they have even started. Nobody “lands” on top of a mountain.

  2. Lorie Ckark says:

    Fear and vulnerability of putting yourself out there for criticism and applauds of your talents are scarey. We want to be perfect and unflawed, according to out inner voice. Perseverance to not let the inner critic rule and realizing there is a perfection to a flaw, THAT is when the beginnining wishes start to come true.

  3. Brian Baity says:

    thank you for your insight Lew. As I expand my influence and reach out to other artists, I discover your comments to be true far too often.

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