166th Birthday Peter Carl Fabergé

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166th Birthday Peter Carl Fabergé

Today marks the birth of Peter Carl Fabergé, one of the most important figures in my life.

His Anniversary Eggs are the pinnacle of art in the form of an eggshell. Many of my pieces are inspired by his objet d’art. Working within the limitations of actual eggshells, I attempt to create a body of work with hints of the genius represented by Fabergé’s masterpieces.

Rose Trellis – Peter Carl Fabergé –

Although, not drawn from Fabergé’s Rose Trellis shown above, you can see similarities. Like the works of Peter Carl, there is a surprise in the design of this project. Instead of opening up to reveal the secret, the design itself is the secret. An image was in my mind when I carved this egg. I imagined a cottage in the woods of old England. Ivy clings to the stone walls of this cozy home nestled under a great oak tree. The dappled afternoon sunlight is shining through the ancient oak’s leaves onto the stained glass windows of that country house, creating the broken light you see in the windows and in the eggshell I carved.

This piece is of huge significance to me. It is the first emu eggshell I ever carved. Also, it was one of five winners in a contest sponsored by the Forbes Art Gallery in New York City. The last exhibit it participated in was the National Museum of Bulgaria.

My hope and greatest dream is to take this and other inspired pieces to St. Petersburg, Russia to share them with the people of the city and country where the most famous Easter Eggs were created.

“Remember that next time you sit down to paint an Easter egg or set out to create any work of art. The materials don’t matter. It’s how you use them.” – Chris Gaylord –

The Fabergé Anniversary Eggs are far beyond my current budget, but nonetheless I collect the egg form from Fabergé whenever possible. Here are two of my favorite pieces.


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