Great Salt Lake Woodcarving Show & Competition

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Great Salt Lake Woodcarving Show & Competition

Wheeler Historic Farm will host the 22nd Annual  Great Salt Lake Woodcarving Show and Competition on March 21 and 22. Registration day is Thursday March 20th and then the show opens at noon on Friday and runs until 8 pm. Saturdays hours are 9 am to 5 pm. For more information you can go to the Great Salt Lake Woodcarvers Club website

For the past few weeks I have been working with a number of people, helping them to prepare their submissions to this show. Meet Terrasun, Bradly, Addi, Elli and RK.

This is 10 year old Terrasun. She is holding one of her projects she will be submitting for the judges consideration. She has a second piece she will enter as well.

And here is Bradly, also age 10. He carved a goose egg and finished a pyrography project for the visitors to see. He told me he has done a little wood burning in scouts and this is his first shot at eggshell carving.

Addi age 10 art student 2014

Addi is Bradly’s twin sister, so it seemed only to logical to give her equal time to complete her own art. Although connected closely with her brother, Addi has her own unique style.

Next is young Elli, only 7 years old. She shows us her efforts with the wood burning tool as well as the Paragraver for carving her goose egg.

It was great fun working with these young people while they experienced different art forms which are not taught in school. Watching the excitement on their faces as they finished their work was priceless. Now the real nervousness begins, waiting to hear what the judges have to say.

And finally, we have RK Winfree. You can see by his work he is not a beginner like the rest of these artists. He has been carving few a few years now and recently moved to Utah from Missouri. I met RK through the Inspiration and Encouragement Network which was founded by Lew Jensen and Profitable Hobbies. In my opinion, RK’s skills are certainly worthy of many awards in the upcoming show. I was happy to share information with him  as well as a few pointers I have learned from previous carving shows. I wish him all possible successes with his entries for competition.  

Come on out to Wheeler Historic Farm to see the works of artists from all over Utah, a fun way to spend an afternoon. The entries in the carving competition are always of high quality so there will be many beautiful works of art for visitors to observe.

And my best of luck wishes to all the participants!





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