Love’s Gift to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Love’s Gift to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Here is a carved emu eggshell that I am more than excited to complete. It was commissioned by Stacie Holyoak, a sweet young woman who is deeply in love with her boyfriend Julio. In a collaborative effort between Stacie and I, we created this symbol which is drawn from important activities they share. As with any good Valentine’s Day gift Stacie kept her plans a secret until she delivered it to Julio. And I also think it really significant to note that I planned this carving so that I would complete it actually on Valentine’s Day. My intent was to complete this emblem of creation into being on the day Stacie wanted to give it to Julio. In this way, the completion day of this icon is also the day it was given, forever marking the celebration of the love between these two fortunate people.

Soccer Ball with Quarter Note emu eggshell Feb 14 2013

Stacie Holyoak works very hard for Healthy Homes Housekeeping and raises her children with all the love in her heart. If you need some house cleaning done give her a call. (801) 583-4400



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