Follow Up Visit After the Utah State Fair

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Follow Up Visit After the Utah State Fair











Meet Jason, Aries and Travis. These three fun folks spent some time with me at the 2014 Utah State Fair at the egg carving demonstration. It was fortunate that they were the last visitors of the day because they were very interested in making their own ideas on an egg instead of the simple pattern I use for demonstrations. I thought since it was late it would be OK for them to try. Jason, Aries dad, was kind enough to let Aries and Travis have the time at the Fair since the closing time was fast approaching. I am certainly glad they had this opportunity because they are very gifted with the Paragraver carving tool.

After life settled down from the State Fair, Jason reached out to me asking if they could have another go at this new idea and he wanted to be a part of this as well. Of course he got his chance to carve his first goose eggshell. This time we were not limited by the clock, the agenda of the State Fair and lack of better choices for carving burs. This evening was much more fun. Everyone was able to create a design of their choosing which you can see here.











When I return from my newest adventure in Bulgaria I sincerely hope to work more with Jason, Aries and Travis. I think it will be fun to have local egg artists to collaborate with. My thanks especially to Jason for believing in these youth artists enough to allow them to explore the possibilities possible with the world’s most delicate canvas… the eggshell.



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  1. Jason baker says:

    Thanks Brian it was eggciting and we had an awesome time I can’t wait till ur return to meet with u again once u settle down from ur trip .thanks again for ur time and giving us that opportunity . hope ur trip is safe and see ya when u return

  2. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you Jason, nice to hear from you. i will definitely get in touch when I return.

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