Evonne Hatton and the Hirsche Smiles Foundation

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Evonne Hatton and the Hirsche Smiles Foundation

I just spent the afternoon talking art, eggshells and carving with Evonne Hatton. Evonne is an Artist, who has a heart two times too big. She does great work for the Hirsche Smiles Foundation.

Hirsche Smiles Foundation (HSF) is a nonprofit organization that takes plastic surgery and dental teams to underprivileged areas in Guatemala. The plastic surgery team provides surgery for children with cleft lip and/or palates, burns and deformed ears, fingers and toes without charge to the patient or family. HSF works with in-country sponsors to provide plastic and reconstructive surgery for needy children and dental care and dental health education to families who do not have access to these services.

check out Evonne’s goods works at www.evonnehattonstudio@gmail.com and from there you can see much more information about the Hirsche Smiles Foundation.

What an awesome thing Evonne is doing with her talents.


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  1. Thank you, that was very kind (:

  2. Brian Baity says:

    Happy to help Evonne. Good luck with all your future endeavors.

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