Egg Donated to Aid Make A Wish Foundation

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Egg Donated to Aid Make A Wish Foundation

Make A Wish Foundation Rhea Egg Shell

This piece was made with some special meaning in its design. I donated it to Make A Wish Foundation because of the great service they do. It will be auctioned on April 22 2010 here in Salt Lake City, Utah as part of their fundraising efforts.

I chose this pathway design because of it has a number of meanings. The people who benefit from the efforts of The Make A Wish Foundation are on a path that seems to have limits. I don’t feel this to be the case. Their path does continue after they pass from this life. They return back to a greater power. Also, they remain in the hearts and minds of those that loved and cared for them. That is why I chose a path that returns back on its self because everything comes full circle in it’s time. We come from the presence of our Lord and return again when we are called. We experience an amazing joy when a child comes into our life and great sorrow when they are called away in their youth. After the grieving has run its course we again feel a happiness that we shared our hearts with our lost loved one.

The stone base which resembles a pathway stone ties to the pathway represented by the shapes in the egg shell.

The initial idea for this design came from the Chinese and Japanese gardens I have visited in my life. The serenity of these locations has always brought peace to my heart and mind. In giving this piece to The Make A Wish Foundation I hope to bring a small portion of that serenity to its owner and the people left here on earth after their dear ones return to their eternal home.


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  1. Glenys Moore says:

    Brian, Your work is breathtaking! What a wonderful gift for the Make a Wish Foundation. I will call you. I just got the message on my phone. Love and light,Glenys

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