Eagle’s Landing Petting Zoo Visit Scipio Utah

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Eagle’s Landing Petting Zoo Visit Scipio Utah

Memorial Day weekend was a little busy but fun nonetheless. Went down to pick up some more ostrich eggs and have a little lunch. Here are a few photos of the animals you can see at the petting zoo. I don’t want to post shots of all the animals. Some surprises will make your visit more interesting. The Alpacas had just been sheared so they look a little funny with their Rasta Dreads and short hair elsewhere.

The Rules as you will see in the front of the petting zoo area

one of the Alpacas

Another Alpaca

Some of the Donkeys

Goat Kid




The ostrich eggs I picked up were still intact and full as well as fresh. So I decided to make Sunday Dinner from one of them. I cooked up a little onion, red bell pepper, sausage and spinach then added the egg and some cheese. After a couple of minutes on the stove and 15 minutes in the oven, the broiler was fired up and a sprinkle of cheese added to the top. Here you see the results. Yes this was made from one egg. You can see the size of the pan I used to cook the frittata. TASTY!

Once again my thanks goes out to Teddy Hodges from The Maintained Home.

He does all the work you can’t or don’t have time to accomplish.

Teddy introduced me to the petting zoo and the owners. I will be carving the eggs from the ostrich located at the petting zoo and selling them at the zoo. The proceeds will go towards the zoo and the upkeep of the animals so all of us can continue to enjoy them when we drive through Utah. So be sure to stop by the Flying J in Scipio, Utah for a visit to the zoo and a banana split at the Dairy Queen.













3 Responses

  1. aida sese says:

    HI Nelly,
    That is a big egg ha! how exiting something different!!!
    happy memorial day, eenjoy !!!

  2. Gigi says:

    Wow, you really ate an ostrich egg? That looks giant. How big is an ostrich egg? Does it taste good?

  3. Brian Baity says:

    the Frittata was very tasty. I had not eaten an ostrich egg until I made this one for dinner. I am told the ostrich egg is roughly equal to 24 chicken eggs.

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