Eagles Landing Flying J & Petting Zoo Scipio Utah

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Eagles Landing Flying J & Petting Zoo Scipio Utah

The Maintained Home’s Teddy Hodges and I took a lunch trip to Scipio, Utah to meet with the owner of the Flying J Truck Stop and Petting Zoo. The petting zoo has an ostrich which is laying eggs, and some emus which will hopefully be laying soon. Teddy and I went down to see about carving some of the eggs laid at the zoo with the intent to help offset the cost of feeding the animals. The petting zoo is free to the public. So when you are traveling I-15 and see the signs indicating Scipio, be sure to stop for a leg stretch, a burger and milk shake, and a visit to the petting zoo. Maybe leave a dollar or two in the donation box for the care and feeding of the animals. This highlight of central Utah will be a definite stop for my future trips.

There are numerous types of animals at the zoo: Alpacas, ostriches, emus, a zebra, rabbits, pygmy goats, lambs, and pea-birds. Most of the animals are really tame and will readily interact with people. if you have questions you can get your answers at:

Flying J

810 N 800th W
Scipio, UT 84656
(435) 758-2345

And if you need any work done around your home or business that you can’t, won’t, or don’t know how to do, call my friend Teddy Hodges at The Maintained Home 801.850.7688. He is reliable and knowledgable. He is my goto guy for tasks I wish to put off so I can make art from eggshells. Now that is a true value!


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