Day at The Fair

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Day at The Fair

Yesterday, Saturday September 10 2011, was my day at the State Fair. Right after I walked in the gate the fair grounds were hammered by a summer downpour. I didn’t mind so much because the cloud cover cooled the day and the storm did not last long. Also, this photo was possible compliments of mother nature.

Utah State Fair Rose of Sharon

Many of my out of state friends have asked me about the results of the judging. So for those of you who will not be able to attend the fair, here are some photos of the entries. The folks at the Fair were awesome to work with and they allowed me to use these display cases to keep my art safe from wandering fingers.

Ostrich eggshell inlay in gourds

A little while ago I had a random thought come to me in one of my late night forays into the land of insomnia…. “What about inlaying eggshells into a gourd?” I had never heard of it, so I started some designs. From earlier posts you have seen a gourd bowl inlaid with pieces of carved emu eggshell. Here are two more pieces following another idea that came along this thought process.

Here is a view of the display case I was fortunate enough to be allowed to use to keep my art safe. (Thank you Sparky & staff)

Stop by the exhibition if you have a few minutes. Check out all the great art in the building. Many talented artists have shared their creations with the world. While I was checking out the the judges awards, I met a couple all the way from Sweden who were on vacation and thought the Fair would be fun. I had a great conversation with them. It’s cool to know our State Fair has international appeal.¬†Also, a few members of the I & E Network have spoken with me about the Fair.

Come on back to the website after you attend the Fair and give me your thoughts!


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