Dallas Texas 39th Egg Show 2013

Custom Art in Eggshells, Gourds, Wood, Jewelry, and More

Dallas Texas 39th Egg Show 2013

June 1st and 2nd 2013 The Night Hotel in North Dallas and The Eggery Place sponsored the 39th Annual Eggs-Ibit International Egg Art Show and Sale. I took a more active role in this show by offering the opportunity to carve a simple design into a goose eggshell. My intent was to allow visitors with no experience to have a hands on chance to try carving eggs. We kept the design simple so they could complete their piece in a few minutes, this way there was time for many to play. There were quite a number who showed some artistic talent and could find some success if they stuck with carving eggs and practiced. Below are photos of a few of the new egg artists. I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity to help teach others about art created from eggshells. Thank you Kathy Lamb for allowing me to be part of your exhibit and to all those kind souls who helped her create this successful show.

Age was not a limiting factor. Little Jesse here was the youngest to make some art for her home. She visited the show with her mother, aunt and younger brother. She took her egg home after finding a stand for her egg from one of the numerous vendors in attendance. 

Jennifer visited on Saturday and stopped by the demonstration to do a little experimenting. Another future artist in the making.

This is Sheri, she was actually an exhibitor and had a little experience with egg carving already. Her interest was in trying the Paragraver which was new to her. Because she already had worked with piercing a goose egg, I let gave her free reign to make her own design so she could use this chance to learn how the Paragraver worked differently than tools she used in the past.

This is Marilyn. She and her sister visited the egg show from Houston, Texas.

Here is Roslyn, Marilyn’s sister. These ladies were fun. Very happy and caring and their joy for life was contagious. We had a lot of laughs together and they both took home their first carved egg. Great job ladies. I am happy to have met you both.

Dallas Egg Show 2013 1st carver Lauren

My final comment is for Lauren who was the first visitor to find her bravery and carve an eggshell. After completing the design I used to teach her some basic skills, she actually chose a second egg and design a second project of her own choice. If there was a prize awarded for most artistic person to try egg carving at this show Lauren would be the winner. I hope those in her life who helped her get involved with egg art will continue assisting her in growing her natural talent. 

My gratitude goes out to all the visitors who attended the show and a special thanks to the brave souls to took the Paragraver to to task and learned a new skill.






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