Bulgarian Carved Egg Exhibit Open

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Bulgarian Carved Egg Exhibit Open

On April 8th the exhibit of carved eggs opened in Velingrad, Bulgaria. A few logistical issues arose early, the most traumatic being Air France losing all the bags with our personal items and all the cases containing a significant number of the collection.


Luckily, we were able to recover them before the exhibit opened. Due to the delays caused by the missing luggage we were forced to work very early in the morning of the opening managing to complete the set-up of the exhibit only 1/2 hour before the dignitaries arrived.

It was an amazing ceremony overseen by the staff of the museum, 3 deputy mayors and numerous members of the local media.

The egg shown here is ostrich and it bears the Bulgarian Coat of Arms rendered in scrimshaw.


6 Responses

  1. MARIE says:

    It’s gorgeous.!! You have a once in a lifetime EARNED experience….

  2. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you Marie for your considerate words. Stay tuned, I will post more soon.

  3. Zeena Bowman says:

    I am glad you got your wonderful pieces recovered from the lost luggage pile. Congratulations on your awesome success!

  4. Brian Baity says:

    Thanks, Zeena. It certainly was a time of high stress.

  5. Sharon Ross says:

    Hello Brian,

    Oh my gosh, they lost half your eggs, that must have been as scary as loosing your children. I was told by a friend that you were on 2 news at noon in March. I am looking back for it, not finding it yet. So I called on your cell, now you are in Bulgaria. I’m so proud and excited for you sweetie. What an experience, I’m experiencing this through you because I will NEVER be as good as you nor do I have the ability that you have. I have lots of eggs, goose, ostrich, emu etc. You make me want to carve them now. I carved lots of award plaques/70 in all for Voc.Rehab. and one for Governor Herbert and one for Senator Hatch. I’ve developed tendenitis in my right hand, in my fingers and it hurts really bad, but I can still carve, just can’t open my fingers very well.
    Please stay safe and I pray God will watch over you and bring you safely home. I am so honored to have you as my friend. You are awesome and a very great artist Brian, you made it my friend. Please send pictures and tell me your experiences, I live through you and right now I’m having a ball.
    luv you, Sharon Ross

  6. Brian Baity says:

    Hello Sharon, Thank you for your support. Yes, the missing luggage was an extra stress we certainly did not need. I was in a country where english speaking people are rare, in a museum and gallery full of wonderful people willing to do anything to help get the exhibit in place but had no idea what to do and 28 hours to get the exhibition in place for the opening with 3 deputy mayors and the invited public. To add a little more to the time issues, it takes 2 hours each way to get to the airport from where the exhibition is. Your analogy is quite accurate that it was like getting to my destination and finding a child had gone missing. But we got through it with some divine intervention.
    I am sorry to hear about your health issues, perhaps it will get better in time. Don’t sell your self short Sharon! The plaques you do are great in the eyes of those that receive them. Your contribution to their lives may change the path of a soul searching for the right way to live and that is more than most people will contribute the this play we call life.

    Be well my friend and my prayers go out to you,


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