Brian Baity Sculpted Egg Goes to The White House

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Brian Baity Sculpted Egg Goes to The White House

A Short time ago I was asked by the American Egg Board to create an egg with a very special destination; The White House! What a great honor this is, to be part of an American tradition that is over a century old. With the help of Oakdell Egg Farms I was able to find the perfect brown egg for this project. I wanted to use a brown egg because the brown color can actually be carefully removed showing white underneath. Also, Oakdell Farms was able to supply some sure jumbo eggs. I thought I would need  big egg to be able to incluse all the symbology I had in mind for this project. A brown eggshell allowed me to have 2 colors without adding to the eggshell. I also chose an omega-3 egg because both the First Lady and I are interested in maintaining good health. The final reason I chose Oakdell Farms is because I wanted to use a Utah source for the egg. This is my way of sending a part of our great state to the White House to celebrate Easter of 2013. 

Here is a link to the exclusive coverage provided by channel 2 (KUTV)

Utah Carver Invited To White House Egg Roll

Please check out the video and give channel 2 some positive feedback. also if you have any comments I would love to hear from you.

Oakdell Egg Farm Egg




5 Responses

  1. Court says:

    Amazing as always

  2. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you for you support Court

  3. Well done! I am so proud of you!!

  4. Brian,

    What an awesome opportunity and honor!!!! So very happy for you!! You are truly an inspiration!!!
    Congratulations Brian, hope to be able to meet you in the future. Keep up the great work!!!

    Roderick Earl Hoffman

  5. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you Roderick, I would be happy to meet when the opportunity provides itself. where are you located? you can contact me through email to give me more information.

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