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Yesterday evening late, I received an email from Dana with the Utah Best of State staff. Immediately I sensed a rush of adrenaline. The subject line for this email read “Best of State Winners Announced“. Stopping all I was doing I quickly went to my computer to read the news.

Then I read a line which made my heart jump: “Visual Arts – Carving: Brian K. Baity“. Yes folks, I have been given this esteemed honor for a fourth year! Thank you to the wonderful people at Best of State for this medal and to all the many people who have supported me as I developed my art to a level worthy of this prestigious award.

The Gala will be May 22, 2012 and if you want to know more goto

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS! and this means all who entered, not just those who were selected.


7 Responses

  1. Linda Hardy says:

    Mr. Baity,

    Congratulations on this unique and deserved award. I have enjoyed looking at your art and admiring such talent. May you continue to be blessed with the hands to share this beautiful talent with others.
    Congratualtions again!!

  2. Gary Grant says:

    Congratulations to you for winning this great award.

  3. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you Gary

  4. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you Mrs. Hardy. I appreciate you taking the time to send your thoughts.

  5. Congratulations on the award! Success !

  6. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you Igor. How are things in Russia? Nice to hear from you.

  7. In late 2011 he was elected as the best talent in the arts in our city. Elect only 5 people. Before the feast of Easter came two television report about my work on national television the Krasnodar region (state). On my site it is reflected – only reports on russian language. On the feast of Easter made ​​new work: Photos –; video = com_content & view = article & id = 5 & Itemid = 8;

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