Beautiful Day at Welburn Gourd Farm

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Beautiful Day at Welburn Gourd Farm

My visit to Welburn Gourd Farm was awesome! The weather in Fallbrook, California could not have been better, mid 70’s and calm. For some reason, unknown to me, my GPS chose a different path than I normally take to the gourd farm which was a blessing in disguise. On this “alternate route” we ran across Buena Loma Gardens, a family owned garden supplying organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Nelly Baity, Charlie and Elvie of Buena Loma Gardens and Jocelyn Cequena

These folks were kind and giving. Anything we wanted to taste was offered so we could decide which items we wanted. ultimately, we walked away with 2 boxes of various fruits and vegetables. If you are in the Temecula, California area be sure to stop by Buena Loma Gardens and pick up some of whatever is in season.

Buena Loma Garden
45485 Buena Loma Road
Temecula, CA 92590

The drive back north was a little less pleasant. Here is the temperature in Baker, CA

Baker CA temperature July 5 2012

The gourd Farm never fails to disappoint. If you can’t find the gourd you want in all of this, then you really don’t need a gourd.

And if you need more in the future, never worry, they are prepared to take care of any upcoming needs as well. This is just one of many fields of gourds to be.

Future gourds on the vine at Welburn Gourd Farm July 5 2012




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