Art Students Try Carving Eggshells

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Art Students Try Carving Eggshells

Today, May 26th 2011, fifteen or so art students came to the museum here in Sofia to watch a demonstration for carving eggshells.

They were a little apprehensive at first but once the ice was broken they were very involved and many took advantage of the time t0 make an eggshell of their own design. Their teacher had blocked out more than an hour for their visit so quite a few of the braver students were able to complete their ideas. This visit was quite a success and some talent was found. There were a few youth who showed interest in learning more. I hope they will again visit before I return to the United States so they can learn some more and increase their abilities. Below, you can see some of the pupils and their completed works. One young man had the Bulgarian Coat of Arms on his T-shirt. I found this ironic so I asked him to pose next to the ostrich eggshell with the coat of arms on it.

And here he is trying his hand at carving a hen’s eggshell

Many of the students had time to play. Here are some of them.

Thank you to the US Embassy and the School for Applied Arts for creating this demonstration. These youth have great potential. Good Luck to each of you.


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  1. These young people were so enthusiastic and some of them were quite talented – especially Maria-Elena and the other girl – with the blond hair. I hope some of them will come again to the Museum.
    Brian, we all wish you come again to Bulgaria next year and teach us again creating art. There are many people in Bulgaria who love your art and are your true friends.
    We all wish you a nice trip to Utah – to receive your award “Best of Utah” and then – again to Bulgaria.
    I hope you will upload some more photos about the demonstrations in Velingrad and Sofia.

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