A Thought for People With Choices

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A Thought for People With Choices

In my experience carving eggshells I have many ideas come to mind. I will sketch the ideas quickly so I won’t lose the thought. Then later, I will work the idea into an object that appeals to the eye. In truth, I break a few eggs from time to time but it seems necessary if I am to grow as an artist and a human being. So here is my thought for the day as stated by Dale Carnegie:


This guy definitely stayed out of the “Sure thing boat”.

A sail made from scrap cloth carries him out to sea on monsoon winds. He takes a chance every time he puts his boat in the water and he has a life spent pursuing his dreams. We should do nothing less. The power is in action.

Dream Big!

5 Responses

  1. Steven Narbonne says:

    I love egg shell art but I could do without the golfer although I recognize the skill involved.

  2. Brian Baity says:

    Thank you Steven, I appreciate your thoughts. I realize golf isn’t for everyone but this has been one of my most popular pieces. So far, I have sold over two dozen of them. Even though you may not want one in your house, it makes the perfect gift for that golfer you know who has everything.

  3. Steven Narbonne says:

    Possibly it is just because I suck at golf. I am glad they are selling for you and hope you sell many more. As I wrote, I appreciate the skill involved.

  4. Brian Baity says:

    Steven, I lack any skills on the golf course (unless it is mini golf). So it seems we have something in common other than a love for egg art. I do appreciate your supportive words and the fact that you take the time to comment. Thank you.

  5. Steven Narbonne says:

    You’re very welcome. Keep up your wonderful work. It is nice to think that such art will be appreciated and treasured in 100 years or so when we are long gone, even as we treasure the art of days of yore.

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