A Tribute to Arch Cheney, Photographer and Teacher. One Weekend, One Camera, One Lens

Early in 2104 I attended a photography class taught by Arch Cheney. My intent was to push my boundaries beyond my basic knowledge of my camera and photography. During the class, he showed a one year project where photographer Todd Gibstein shot the same area with only one camera and one lens. This idea never left […]

October Demonstrations in Velingrad Bulgaria

Students from surrounding schools in Velingrad continue to visit the Museum far a first hand experience at carving an eggshell. Each is given a simple design on a chicken egg and some simple instructions to follow. When they are finished they get to take the egg home. I find it fun to watch the initial […]

September 30 2014 Carving Demonstrations in Velingrad Bulgaria

Many classes from the local schools are stopping by the museum in Velingrad, Bulgaria to experience carving with Paragraver Carving. Also, some of the local egg decorating masters spent time experimenting with new materials. The desire to experiment stemmed from my Exhibition now on display here. I am excited to see where this will lead […]

Opening Evening American Impressions Art Exhibition Velingrad Bulgaria

September 25th 2014 marked the opening of a new art exhibition in Velingrad, Bulgaria entitled “American Impressions”. Nearly 100 pieces in numerous media make up this show. Shown here, in these few photos, is the preparations in the Gallery.                       The exhibition includes eggshells, gourds, […]

2012 Utah Cultural Celebration Center 4th Annual Easter Eggs-travaganza

As Easter fast approaches, my thoughts are drawn to my friends in Bulgaria. During the months surrounding Easter 2011, I was privileged to celebrate Easter amongst the wonderful people of Bulgaria. Many of their foods are now part of my regular menu. The families who took me in and made me feel welcome in their […]