Upcoming Busy Week Sharing Art

Today, April 1st, I am preparing all the things needed to place the Easter Exhibition at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. The 3rd is opening day. I will be at the Cultural Center most of Monday and part of Tuesday to answer questions.

Then later this week I will bring sculpted gourds to the Springville Museum of Art with a prayer that they are accepted and part of the 88th Spring Salon. If accepted this show will be the debut of a new idea I have kept secret as I developed this concept. So please send your positive thoughts and energy to allow a successful submission!

Friday, I will take on a new student. We will spend the day finding what form will best fit Nicole Reynolds’ particular talents. Stay tuned because I will be sure to post a photo or two of her creations.

Utah Cultural Celebration Center Information click here


  1. what are the green things in this gourd

  2. the green portions of the design are carved pieces of emu eggshell inlaid into the gourd bowl.

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