Second 2014 Bulgarian Art Exchange Exhibition Held In Plovdiv

Plovdiv, Bulgaria was the location for my second 2014 Exhibition. Opening night was at the Ethnographic Museum located in Old Plovdiv on October 15th. The staff were wonderful to work with and the building has a great history. I highly recommend visiting the Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv to anyone visiting Bulgaria. 
Outside the museum two old gentlemen play music for spare change. I stopped to listen to them each time our paths crossed. They even took a few minutes to speak with me about why I was in Bulgaria. I guess they were moved by my story because they decided to give me a welcoming gift on opening night. They chose to perform music, after the official speeches were over, from both Bulgarian and American cultures. 
Demonstrations were the plan of the day for October 22, 2014. The weather was mild so we decided to put the interactive demonstration outside in front of the building. Some of the staff stepped right up to carve a simple pattern in a chicken egg right along with the visitors. 
Plovdiv Bulgaria Egg demonstrations 22 October 2014 Photo 5
Local media stopped by to ask a few questions and I managed to get one of the newscasters to carve an egg as well. I want to offer a special word of thanks to Maria and Steffi for helping create a great exhibition. I am happy to know such fine ladies.
On October 29th the second part of this exhibition opened at the Zagreb Gallery (Галерия Загреб) in Plovdiv. This is the beginning of two exhibitions which are the 2014 Bulgarian-American Art Exchange. The participating Artists are: Brian Baity, Daniel Nikolov, Lolita Nikolova, James Lund, Peter Nikolov, Angel Geshev, Dechko Todorov, Lorin Thunell, and Genko Todorov. The opening was a huge success fro everyone involved. Artists from both Bulgaria and the U.S. saw their works go to new homes.
As I have experienced in other parts of Bulgaria, the people are warm and welcoming. This has been an experience I will remember always.