IEAG Masters Program submission at the Seattle Decorated Egg Show 2012

July 14th and 15th, 2012 were the days of the 2012 Decorated Egg Show in Everett, Washington.

Holiday Inn
Everett, WA
2012 Decorated Egg Show

At the Everett Holiday Inn, there was an amazing number of exhibitors offering supplies and finished eggs ready to go to new homes. At this show, I submitted a new egg to the judges of the International Egg Art Guild masters program. After their careful consideration, I am happy to report that I has passed the requirements for intermediate filigree mastery. The next submission, if scored high enough, will give the the title of Filigree Master.

Here is a photo of the intermediate submission which was completed on July 12th, 2012 at 1030 PM. Just 8 hours before I boarded a plane leaving for Seattle. It is a goose egg entitled Chinese Lattice 1.

Chinese Lattice 1
Filigree carved goose egg

My thanks go out to all the hard working individuals who put this show together and to the judges of the International Egg Art Guild who give up their time to consider all the entries at these gatherings.



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