\noh-tis-ers\ (n) 1. People who ask questions about the world around them and interpret those observations through evidence or artistic mediums. 2. Scientists and artists.

With experimentation, observation, reassessment, determination and dedication, both artists and scientists pursue that pure moment of discovery and creation.  Noticers: The Intersections of Art and Science addresses the integration and collaboration of these two seemingly disparate fields.  Both visual arts and hands-on, interactive installations are part of the presentation.

The heart of the exhibit features 8 interactive “Art and Science Stations”, each with a particular emphasis.  Included is a Stroop Test, a Time-Lapse Video, a Community Collaborative Art Project, Wind Tubes, a Magnetic TV, and other thematic, experiential displays such as “This is the Place” and “Pure as the Driven Snow” (details to be revealed by Curators Blake Wigdahl and Dave Stroud at the Opening Reception).

The Utah Cultural Celebration Center is pleased to present this interactive art and science exhibition in partnership with the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah, The Utah Division of Arts and Museums, and Curators Blake Wigdahl and Dave Stroud of Thanksgiving Point.

And here is the greatest Noticer I know. A bright young lad who is constantly fascinated by the world and a source of endless questions. Mr. Jonas Johnson, my grandson. Here’s to you Jonas!

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