Meet Maria Dosheva, Egg Carver

Meet Maria, she was my translator for her school class when they came to the Ethnographic Museum in Velingrad, Bulgaria. She has a very strong grasp of English and wasn’t too shy to volunteer or help me. As a reward for her bravery, I offered her the opportunity to carve a goose eggshell with a more complicated pattern. For her first attempt at carving a complicated pattern she did a great job without any help from me.

She also has a love for music, playing both guitar and bass guitar. With such a strong base in the arts, I feel Maria will contribute many great things in her future. 

Thank you Maria, for spending time developing your arts skills. You are a talented and beautiful young lady. Conquer the world!!


  1. Great, Maria! I am glad Bulgarians like the egg carving art.

    Lolita Nikolova, PhD
    Lanzo, Torino, Italy

  2. Maria has many artistic talents, I am excited to see what she will do next.

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