Jocelyn Cequena returns to Ireland with a gourd bowl and a duck egg

At the end of her visit to Utah from Ireland, our friend Jaz (Jocelyn Ceguena) chose to bring home a few remembrances of her trip. Her choice of pieces is a little bittersweet because she chose the second gourd I ever carved. This means my first two gourds have now found new homes. I am happy she likes this bowl but a little sad because another of my “children” has left home. I am pleased to know you are the owner of this particular piece.

Jocelyn and her Carved Gourd Bowl

And as a going home gift I thought she should take home an eggshell as well. Since Orchids grow everywhere in her native Philippines, I chose to send her on her journey to her adopted country, Ireland, with an orchid to remind her of her first home .

Jocelyn and her Duck Egg

Enjoy them Jaz!

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